Game Marvel: Contest of Champions Hack and Cheats

Since it was launched in 2014, the free-to-play mobile game Marvel: Contest of Champions is becoming more and more popular. The story is based on the characters from the Marvel universe, which have been in the spotlight in the last couple of years. You can choose both heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk, but also villains like Magneto and Ultron. Every game character has its own features and special moves.

This is the favorite game of all times by many, which might be a bit controversial, but one thing is certain – there aren’t many fighting games more popular than the Marvel: Contest of Champions in the last couple of years. With huge popularity comes a great rivalry, so if you’re annoyed of losing to opponents too often, we might have a solution for you.marvel contest of champions hack and cheats

5 Simple Cheats to Win Every Fight in Marvel: Contest of Champions

1. Conserve the energy! As your character can’t recover fully between fights without having a healing potion, you need to be careful about the energy levels. A smart strategy is to back off instead of attacking. We know that the whole point of the game is to kick the hell out the opponent, but if you wish to win, you need to take it easy. Why not starting each fight with a block and letting the enemy attack you?
2. Be a team player! If your team is too weak to progress you can boost their rates by going through some of the quests you’ve already completed.
3. Aim for premium crystals! If you are in possession of premium crystals your chances of winning a fight are high. The most valuable crystals can be purchased only with units, so do your best to collect as much of them as possible.
4. Know your character’s strengths and weaknesses. This goes for your opponents as well. Remember that different classes of Champions have different abilities. For example, Cosmic beats Skill, but Mystic beats Cosmic. Science beats Mystic, but loses to Mutant. Tech stands no chance against Skill, but beats Mutant.

If these small tips still don’t help you master the game, then perhaps there is another solution. There are some Marvel: Contest of Champions game hacks that you can use, but we advise against them as the whole point of video games is fair competition. Instead of completing quests and winning fights, you can earn gold and units by using a hack like this one from . There is a bunch of websites online offering this service asking for money in return, while some just want you to register for their newsletter. In most cases, these sites are shady and often don’t provide what they claim to.

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