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mass effect

There are many science fiction based games available and one which has received global interest is Mass Effect. This is an action game which is designed for Xbox 360 but it can also be enjoyed using PlayStation 3 or personal computer. BioWare is the company which developed the game. This game was released in 2007 but at different months based on the country you were in North America and its still most people’s favorite. You can find more about the exact date of release from mass effect game review which is available online.

The true about Mass Effect game

One interesting thing about Mass Effect that will make you want to play it is the fact that its theme is based in the year 2183 CE. This is after humans found an ancient ruins and those who were inhabiting that place engaged in a unique race known as Protheans which took place in the planet Mars. The ruins were rich in unique technologies which help humans to understand what was taking place using mass effect physics and proof which was left at the ruins. Humans were able to explore the skies and even came face to face with alien races. Humans could also be able to traverse several years faster than the lightning speed.

There is nothing like extinction in the galaxy and this makes Mass Effect, a thrilling adventure everyone should try. The galaxy gets invaded by a new race of what is believed to be aliens and this does occur after 50,000 years. The funny thing is that the inversion will use sophisticated machines to make sure that the existing community is wiped out and they then take over what are now ruins for the next years prior to another inversion by a different

Now your mission in Mass Effect is to make sure that you are not invaded with a new race of aliens. You will want to own the Galaxy forever and getting rid of any threats that may come your way. In the game, the player becomes the commander who is able to control your own army which is able to keep off any new enemies. Having a life of people who are civilized at the galaxy, you should be able to wipe out new enemies that may want to threaten your existence. This should be done without sparing anything that appears to be a threat.

Now it’s about that time you should salvage the Galaxy from all threats that may lead to its extinction by trying the game today!

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